Get Outside

Get Outside Mapping App

  • UX/UI Design
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap

Get Outside allows users to find trails for hiking and biking nearby the address they input. Using Mapbox and Leaflet JS I was able to leverage an open-source trails API to help discover and pinpoint locations to explore.

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Although I've spent my years as a professional working in video production, I've spent a fair amount of time working in and around the web. I've built sites and applicatoins from scratch, designed and managed web projects, and spent countless hours wrapping my head around templates only to realize I'd rather build something from scratch.

  • 34

    Years Old
  • /07

    Years Freelancing

Experience Breakdown

Earlier this year I decided to step up my game. Because I love the problem solving and challenges that come with being a developer, why not consider a career change? After completing several courses through CodeSchool and FreeCodeCamp I decided to enroll in Thinkful's Front End Development Course. Working with a mentor really helped me to understand how to quickly solve problems and gave me a better understanding of what I needed to be learning. Now I'm working on some of my own projects and learning new frameworks to further my skills as a developer.